"A man is only as good as his word." -- Ancient truism

Dr. Brandon Mueller Teaches Us About Business Ethics and Personal Integrity in this on-line "Real World Curriculum."

The front door light, complete with bird poop and melted lens against the lightbulb, greets the visitor to 1621 Gryn Drive

This module will help you to understand the difference between Entrepreneurialism and Opportunism. 

You should read the following background materials and then take a short quiz.

The real-world case study:  1621 Gryn Drive in Iowa City, IA.

  • A little background and history.

  • The condition in which the tenants found the property: nasty (see photos), unlicensed, and dangerous.

  • Letter not worthy of a response, sent the first week of tenancy.

  • Timeline of the landlord's response to tenant's complaints: ... (Coming soon...)

  • Report on repairs and receipts.  (Coming soon...)

  • Read all the gory details in email and snail mail transcripts... (Coming soon...)


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