Cliff Missen's Exhibit List


1.            Package of documents labeled, “Defendant Heritage Property Management’s Answers to Interrogatories Propounded by Plaintiff.” (All parties have copies.)

2.            Batch of documents titled “Defendant State of Iowa, Board of Regents, and the University of Iowa’s Response to Plaintiff’s First Set of Interrogatories.” (All parties have copies.)

3.            Package of documents labeled, “Defendant Heritage Property Management’s Response to Plaintiff’s Request for Production of Documents.”  (All parties have copies.)

4.            HPM Inspection Checklist  received 10-12-07

5.            AMS invoice dated 11/7/2007.  Lists numerous repairs to home.

6.            Invoice from Actually Clean dated October 19, 2007.  $61.80 “Test for mold.  “Some mold spores on front door.”

7.            Randy Wessling Construction invoice dated 3/29/2008.  “…to try and fix roof leak.”

8.            Advanced Maintenance Systems invoice 4/16/2008  “dug up old ADS.”

9.            Action Sewer and Septic invoice.  6/11/2008.  “.. to clean and locate buried ADS…”  $175

10.        Advanced Maintenance Systems invoice 7/15/2008.  “”Cleaned out gutter and gutter guards…  Cleaned off the roof.  … clean out the drainage ADS tube.”

11.        Actually Clean invoice, 7/14/08.  “Check entire house for mold.”  $130. 

12.        Actually Clean invoice, 7/22/08.  “Mold OFR.”  $212. 

13.        Advanced Maintenance Systems invoice 8/11/08.  On 7/28/08 “Drop off dehumidifier…”

14.        Brandt Heating and Cooling.  7/29/08.  “…apartment smells like mold…”

15.        Aero Rental 7/29/08.  Turbo fan dryer. 

16.        Menard’s  7/29/08.  7 gallons Watertite latex paint.

17.        Aero Rental 7/30/08.  Tilt floor fan.

18.        Advanced Maintenance 12-3-07  (Odor..)

19.        Extend the Dream Foundation invoice for work performed 8//7/08.  “Dry and paint basement with sealer.”  “Cut of excess shingles blocking gutters.”

20.        Stephanie Wieland Quigley invoice.  8/11/08.  “Removed drywall two feet from floor and cleaned up.”

21.        UI house report starting with, “UI Facilities Corp purchased….”

22.        Universities Properties Class Quick report run 5/17/12.

23.        Report titled “Maintenance record”  Two entries: 7/15 and 7/22 “Check house for mold.”  8/9/09 item: “Extend the Dream…mold removal.”

24.        Email from Catherine Fountain to Anne and Tony Vespa.  July 28th.  “I met with Cliff this afternoon.  He is a very pleasant person…. "

25.        Email from Catherine Fountain to new tenants.  7/29/08

26.        Email from Catherine Fountain to Mary Jane Beach and George Hollins.  7/30/08.  Robin Lindenboom “….found a normal basement”

27.        CD-ROM Package of documents labeled, “Defendant State of Iowa Response to Plaintiff’s Request for Production of Documents.”  (All parties have copies.)

28.        Environmental Law Institute Database of State Indoor Air Quality Laws.  February, 2013.

29.        EG Nassif publications report from Google Scholar.

30.        Letter from James P. Craig on 1/25/2013.  Identifies David Vespa for the first time.

31.        Photos on defendant’s CD labeled: “219 Melrose Ct. Pic’s” which contains photos of the home dated August, 2007.  (All parties have copies.)

32.        CD of Missen employment records form the University of Iowa, labeled "Def. Heritage’s 2nd Supplemental Response to Pltf’s Request for Production of Documents.”  (All parties have copies.)

33.        Lease for 219 Melrose Court

34.        General overview of the Plaintiff's complaint

35.        Plaintiff Timeline of events

36.        Polite letter of complaint to Heritage Property Management

37.        Communications: emails, phone calls, notes

38.        Letter from allergist Dr. Kammermeyer documenting prior visits and 2008 visits.

39.        Letter from physician Dr. Kelly Skelly

40.        Letter from allergist Dr. Marta Little

41.        Itemized damages, not including pain and suffering

42.        Photographs of the home during occupancy and initial storage

43.        Photos from climate-controlled storage unit

44.        Photos from subsequent homes

45.        Request to Board of Regents

46.        Response from Board of Regents

47.        Resources on Mold, Mold Allergies and Mold Remediation

48.        Excuse me... but is there an adult in the room?

49.        Experts consulted or potential witnesses

50.        Letter to Editor of Press-Citizen

51.        Shive-Hattery Air Quality Testing

52.        State Appeals Board conversation

53.        Iowa Attorney General moves to dismiss "egregious conduct" charge

54.        Response to motion to dismiss "egregious conduct" charge

55.        Iowa Attorney General defending state workers' "License to Lie"

56.        Judge denies outright dismissal, asks for different charges

57.        Letter to Governor and Chris Branstad

58.        International Code Council

59.        Black Mold Drives Branstad First Lady from Terrace Hill Mansion

60.        Crash!  A story on what it feels like to deal with the Regents

61.        Is Our Regents Learning?

62.        What Happened To Iowa Nice?

63.        Advanced Maintenance 12-3-07  (Odor..)

64.        Fountain email on expected 7/14 remediation

65.        Fountain notes on my timeline

66.        Lindenbloom report

67.        Hollins “Luggage” email

68.        New tenant’s affidavit

69.        Shive-Hattery suggested remediation procedures

70.        UI notes on needed repairs

71.        Shive-Hattery remediation follow-up 2/08

72.        Shive-Hattery remediation follow-up 3/09

73.        ShiveHattery invoice 9/09

74.        Americlean invoice for remediation 1/09

75.        Americlean invoice for ducts 8/08

76.        Stumpf invoice for leaking windows and sump 5/09

77.        Various items (guitar, African drums, etc.) from climate-controlled storage unit.