George wants to know...

Is Our Regents Learning?

Hard to say, really, given my experience. 

On March 3rd, 2012, two months before filing a lawsuit, I sent an email to each member of the Iowa Board of Regents (and Governor Branstad.)  I recounted my experience with the UI rental, I talked about my concern that others were also being put in the way of danger, I pointed out the untruths that had been told about the case -- even by their own executive director.

How long will it take this august group of citizens to investigate the claims and show leadership and integrity?  How long will they wring their hands behind their lawyers and mutter, "it's not my job"?

The clock is ticking... 


Here are some important lessons not generally taught at institutions of higher education, mostly because they are covered in kindergarten...

If you make a mess... clean it up.

If you hurt someone... apologize.

Don't be a bully. 
(Of course, as Mitt Romney recently demonstrated, when powerful wealthy white people do stupid things, they call them "hijinks"!)

Then there's a lesson from 6th grade civics:

Public institutions need checks and balances.

The Iowa State Board of Regents need your support and encouragement to master these concepts.  Here's how you can help...

Leave no Regent Behind!  

Send a little tough love via email. They have provided their email addresses for you here...

Tell 'em Cliff "The Mold Guy" sent you!

Iowa City being the "City of Literature" here's a short story about what it feels like to be stonewalled by the Iowa Board of Regents...



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